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How to Paint an Oakley Sunglass Frame

    • 1). Clean any debris and oils off the sunglasses. Use a mild detergent and cloth, rubbing gently and rinsing thoroughly.

    • 2). Protect the lenses of the sunglasses by covering them with painters tape. Oakleys have very wide lenses, so ensure that every inch is covered and protected sufficiently.

    • 3). Place a piece of fine grit sandpaper into water. Use the sandpaper to lightly wet sand the frame of the glasses. This ensures the plastic primer will adhere properly.

    • 4). Remove any debris using a tack cloth. This is very important, as any particles left on the frames will create a bumpy finish.

    • 5). Prime the sunglasses using a plastic primer. Plastic primer comes in a spray-paint form. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the distance the can should be held from the sunglasses. Allow to dry. If there are any imperfections in the finish, wet sand again and apply another coat of plastic primer.

    • 6). Dilute the plastic enamel of your choice with a solvent. This will help the paint to go on smoothly and will slow drying time. This creates a thinner coat of paint that cures evenly and brushes on smoothly without brush marks.

    • 7). Apply the enamel using a medium-sized paint brush. More than one coat might be needed. Drying time will vary depending on the number of coats.

    • 8). Use a spray-on clear coat to seal the paint and ensure a durable finish. Allow to dry according to manufacturer's specifications

    • 9). Remove tape from the lenses.

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