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Why Most Affirmations Don"t Work - And How to Supercharge Yours - Part 1

If you have had any interest in personal development in the last few years, you probably have of the Law of Attraction which was brought to the mainstream publics attention in the movie, 'The Secret.
' This law of the universe basically states that what you focus on and give attention to is what will show up in your life.
If you want something and really Believe that you have it, you will begin to take the necessary actions to make it become a reality.
There is an old saying that says "I'll believe it when I see it", but that couldn't be more wrong.
The truth is, once you really Believe it, then you will most definitely See it.
Our magnificent brains process and store every single bit of information that we have ever learned or experienced.
When it comes to learning new things, the way our brain learns new things is by REPETITION.
Think about it.
How does an actress master the dialog in a play - repetition.
How does an athlete become the best at what they do - repetition.
Everything we've learned, from times tables to walking and talking has been learned by repetition.
So it would seem reasonable that if you want to teach your brain to believe differently, the way to do it would be by repeating what you now want to believe about yourself and your life.
That makes perfect sense, doesn't it? If you keep repeating something over and over to your self, your subconscious mind should start to agree with you, right? So we start to use Affirmations.
Affirmations are simply statements you make about what you really WANT to believe.
Almost every personal development expert on the planet has recommended affirmations and THE best tool to 'Fake it 'til you Make it,' and keep up the positive attitude, because the repetition of the affirmation is teaching your brain how to think.
Still logical isn't it? If we just repeat our affirmations over and over and over, we should all be healthy, wealthy and wise, right? Sounds pretty easy doesn't it? So..
Why aren't we all fabulously wealthy if we know this should work? Because we just DON'T DO THEM on a regular basis or for long enough.
There are two reasons for this: 1.
If we don't see instant results, we have a hard time actually believing what we are telling ourselves, so we give up in disgust, and 2.
We don't know how to instantly turn things around when we are thrown into a downward spiral when something happens to upset our plans, and we have no anchor to grab onto, so we stop trying, telling ourselves that 'this doesn't work.
' The main reason we don't keep doing daily affirmations, even though we know repetition is the best way to learn is that the affirmations are aimed at changing deep rooted beliefs.
It's not the same as changing your nail polish.
Most of our beliefs about ourselves were deeply implanted before we were 7 years old.
So if you have a deep belief that money is the root of all evil for instance, you can affirm that you are a millionaire all day long and all you will echo back is " Who are you kidding?" it won't take long before the average person gets bored, too busy or out and out frustrated long before the affirmations can start to work.
Now if you did keep on practicing diligently, you would eventually see a change, but since you belief filters won't allow you to change instantly, most people give up in frustration far too soon.
But it's really not your fault, at least not your conscious mind's fault.
You see, we really are of two minds, our conscious mind and our subconscious mind.
So what it comes down to is that your subconscious mind - the one that breathes for you and keeps your heart beating - has been running the show all of these years, and it likes you just the way you are, even if it is broke, sick and miserable.
It's got being YOU down to a tee and doesn't take kindly to being told that it's doing it all wrong.
It has you wrapped up in the shell of your ego - who you believe you are - and it will put up a royal stink if you try to change.
So you say statements like "I am a millionaire" - and it comes back at you with "Yeah Right!" This belief filter, or 'Belief Detective', as it were, ironically really thinks it is helping and protecting you.
If you can't get past that filter, then your affirmations are doomed to fail.
what you need to do, right now while you are reading this, is to start to think of a way of bypassing the belief filters that stop your affirmations in their tracks.
How do you do that? Why not try putting your affirmations in a song.
Song lyrics are non threatening to the subconscious mind because you suspend your disbelief while you are singing, much like you might do when you see a movie (Ever seen Shrek?).
Besides, once you get a song stuck in your head, you usually sing it over and over and over and not get bored with it, feeding your subconscious on autopilot,.
Give it some thought right now and stay tuned for Part 2 where we'll discuss more about how to instantly change your negative attitude.

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