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Benchmarks For Living the Good Life

What are you doing and celebrating that indicate that you are achieving your life's goals around how you live? What I mean by that is how do you know you are living a good and fulfilling life? Have you made goals for that? Sometimes our goals are much more concrete but how you live your life is just as import as what you do in life, if not more so.
In this article I will suggest some life goals that you might think about working on and adding to the way you conduct your living.
  1. Personal fulfillment.
    What does personal fulfillment mean to you? What makes you feel personally fulfilled? What are the specific goals you have concerning your personal fulfillment? Often people feel a sense of personal fulfillment when they are living according to their higher self and purpose.
    Is that a a part of personal fulfillment for you?
  2. Happiness and joy.
    What is your happiness quotient? How much joy do you get out of your work, family and activities? Are you doing what you want to do or are you tied to the shoulds, oughts and musts of life? Do you feel at your best most of the time?
  3. Wellness.
    How is your health - mental, physical and spiritual? Are you caring for all of them on a daily basis? What are you doing to feel energetic and full of vitality? How deep is your energy reserve - will it last if you hit a stressful event in your life?
  4. Personal power - Do you have it all or have you given some of it away? When you have it you feel fully in control of your life.
    What are you doing to maintain your personal power.
    How are you building it without treading on anyone one else or usurping their personal power?
  5. Balance.
    There are many parts of your live.
    How balanced are they? Do you spend as much time in every area as you would like to spend? What are your plans for keeping balance in your life? What do you do when your life gets unbalanced?
  6. Personal passion.
    Have you found the passion that drives you in everything that you do? Do you have lots of times when you feel you are in a state of flow? How do you plan on fulfilling your passion as you go through the different phases of your life?
These six things are a great recipe for living a good and satisfying life.
See what difference it makes in your life to attend to each of these regularly.

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