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Increasing Self Confidence - Tips For Success

You may be curious how you can improve your self confidence.
In fact, you may be desperate to be more confident, so how can you do it? Confidence is something that is learnt, developed and knocked as you go through life.
You aren't born with confidence, you develop it as you go through life.
It's the result of how you interpret the things that happens to you.
A woman may decline a man a date and he is crushed, his confidence is destroyed.
Another man may be declined a date but instead he shrugs his shoulders and continues to ask the next woman with total confidence.
So you can see it isn't the events that determine your confidence, it's what you make of them.
This means that you need to look at the events in your life and change what they mean to you.
Instead of giving them a meaning which destroys your confidence, give them a meaning that makes you feel more confident.
If you were declined a date, instead of feeling that you are not good enough you may change your interpretation to them being not good enough to date you.
What different would that make to how you feel if you did that? If they weren't good enough to date you, do you think you would feel much more confident? Just little things like this can make a huge difference in your level of confidence.
You also need to listen to your inner dialog.
How do you talk to yourself in your head? Is it positive and confidence building or is it the sort of mental talk that knocks your confidence? Start paying attention to your inner dialog and listening to it.
When you are aware of it then you can start changing it.
Whenever you hear yourself say something to yourself that isn't positive or confidence building you need to change it.
This means stop immediately.
Stop saying it in your head, stop what you are doing.
Immediately say out loud or in your head in a strong confident voice the opposite, positive version of the negative thing you were saying.
Repeat this to yourself a half dozen or so times.
After doing this for a while you will soon find that the negative voice begins to fade and is replaced by a positive voice that helps you to feel more confident.
These may sound very simplistic to you, but they are powerfully effective techniques that will help you to become a more confident person.
You can have whatever level of confidence you want through techniques like this.

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