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Goals and How They Can Change Your Life

I believe that a goal is something that's actually taken for granted today.
The word itself means to "achieve a desired result".
Too many people think that having a to-do list is all that's necessary to achieve a desired result.
The problem is a to-do list is more like a grocery shopping list, or a list of appointments for the week, whether it's doctors, teachers, soccer practice, etcetera.
Until you understand what a powerful goal really is, and that it's not something that belongs on a to-do list, I think you should continue using to-do lists.
I think that most of us have certain desires in our lives that we don't usually talk about, and certainly will never put on some to-do list.
It's something that tugs at us from time to time, and usually sits in our subconscious mind.
We may talk about it with a real close friend or relative, but that's usually as far as it goes.
These burning desires that people have can range from significant lifestyle changes, to career changes, to spiritual wishes, to marital dreams, to financial targets, to family hopes, to address or career changes, or any other dreams you want to make.
So you can see that we're talking about serious life goals.
In order to achieve this kind of goal, you're going to need a whole lot more than some to-do list.
After a long career dealing with goal setting and strategic planning, and realizing how vital this is to all major corporations for their long-term success, it dawned on me that setting powerful goals for the average person is actually something that is foreign to them.
No one ever taught us how to create and achieve a goal, nor the process that must be followed in order to do that.
I've often wondered why this topic was never taught in the school system until I realized that there's actually no information available to teach goal setting properly, even if someone did want to teach it.
There is so much confusing material on the internet about goals as they all have their own little clichés about how to set goals, such as, "write it down", "put it on paper", "visualize it"," "think about it all the time", " talk about it with friends or family", etc.
, but never quite give you the real "how to" about accomplishing those goals.
I would think the reason is, they don't know.
You're going to have to learn a "process" that will not only help you create a goal, but take you step by step through that process.
It will involve the following processes: 1.
Doing a "situation analysis" that clearly defines what's going on in your life now.
After doing this, you need to state emphatically what should be happening! This will set the stage for defining your first really serious goal! 2.
Set your first powerful goal after doing the "situation analysis".
Develop a few strategies that will clearly spell out how you are going to achieve that goal.
Develop a tactical plan that supports your strategic plan.
This is a detailed set of actions you will be taking in order to complete each strategy.
Be certain that each tactic is directly linked to a particular strategy! 5.
Set your tracking deadlines in place.
Set different dates for each segment, beginning with the tactical plan first.

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