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A pessimist forgets to laugh.
An optimist laughs to forget.
Source unknown One of the things I attempt to get my really focus on is sensitizing themselves.
By that - I mean this.
The more you feel, the more you will tend to notice and respond to the many opportunities in the present.
We arrived first at my sister-in-law's on New Years day for the party.
I quickly settled into a comfortable armchair with a box of chocolates (that we had taken over as a gift) and waited for the other guests.
Things were going down smoothly.
My mother and father in-law arrived last and as they walked passed our car to the front door I glanced out the window and spotted my father-in-law kicking one of the rear tires.
Not one for mincing his words, he threw open the front door and shouted with a little too much enthusiasm, "Happy New Year, Thomas.
You've got a flat tire!"It's that time of year when things can be a little flat:the party's over, (ours hadn't even started), and you're feeling like a flat tire.
And you can either wallow in it or get on with it.
You can choose to have a laugh this week..
if you really want to.
I challenge you.
I went out and fixed that flat in freezing conditions (with a smile) and went back inside to find my father-in-law in the comfy armchair, polishing off the last of the chocolates.
You've got to laugh!

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