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A Secret For Magnetic Attraction to Money

How often have you heard the words "Be a Money Magnet" and the picture which invariably goes with the words is a horseshoe magnet lifting a bunch of US dollars from the bench.
What a great visual, however, what does this mean to you and what do you have to do to be a money magnet? I cannot say it enough; the first stage is about owning what is within your inner self.
Whether we like it or not, the harsh reality is for many, that they are still carrying old patterns of conditioned thoughts and emotions from their upbringing.
Add genetic encodements into the mix and all I can say is - it's time to take control of your life and live the life of your spirit having a human experience.
The visual I have in my mind's eye is a bowl filled with leftovers.
Okay, imagine yourself emptying them into the garbage bin.
The bowl still is filled with crumbs, so act as if you are washing and drying the bowl and storing it away.
Crazy as this may seem, this is an easy way for energies to simply happen so you can begin to be true to you.
I love simplicity and ease of being.
There is nothing complicated about energies, it's all about creating intention and then finding the best way for you to erase what is not yours.
In this moment your intention for this process is to be a money magnet, so once you have finished the cleaning of your bowl begin breathing the thought "I am a Money Magnet" into your body, heart, mind, will and soul for a count of 10 and as you breathe out any old energy will be released.
You have now replaced the negative with the positive which is your creation.
Be aware, you will have to go through a process of clearing if you take on this task.
Let's move on.
What has been a stumbling block for many people in the past wasn't fear of failure, it was fear of success.
Why do I say this? Let's go back through history, what you will find sticking out more than any other aspect is "greed".
The concept of being wealthy was associated with boys with toys syndrome, uncaring of any other person other than themself, also selfish people who walked over others to get to the top came into the equation.
Abhorrent feelings of distaste left a sour taste in many people's mind.
Equally, there were others who thought being rich meant too much responsibility of long, long, long hours of work, work and more work in order to achieve and maintain the status of being wealthy.
Today the paradigm of wealth has changed within the consciousness of entrepreneurs whose focus is to give back a percentage of their earnings to help people through education of knowledge, wisdom and skills of "teaching people how to fish" This new wave of energy has shifted the wealth consciousness through the collective and is now seeing rewards for those who are responsible social entrepreneurs.
Then we have a thought pattern of co-existence which is ageless in its wisdom of co-operation with others which can lead to collaboration in many instances where businesses are linking together for a more productive outcome.
Unity or working together is the result which is seeing fantastic achievements for those who participate.
Now we come to the individual steps you can take in order to be a money magnet as remember intention creates the energy cycle to manifest in your life.
There are 22 stages within our psyche which we can accelerate any action into being.
To know yourself and where you are sitting in your subconscious this is a vital step.
So, for 21 weeks you undertake what I call a vision quest.
Each week has a different intention.
Week 1: the beginning - this will unlock the vibrations required for you to be a money magnet Week 2: Higher Mind - this will give you creative possibilities Week 3: Inner Knowing - follow your instincts Week 4: Birth - this stage will see the birthing of your ideas Week 5: Stability and Foundations - this week will see creation of structures Week 6: Tradition - will give you wisdom from within to move forward in the physical Week 7: Union - Co-operation and collaboration will come into being Week 8: Movement - Energy to take your journey forward easily Week 9: Courage of Commitment - these words say it all Week 10: Time - you will be in synchronicity with the collective consciousness Week 11: Destiny - the wheel of fortune is with you Week 12: Justice - whatever was out of order for you to be a money magnet, is now released for this to happen Week 13: Letting Go - Releasing aspects of your life which no longer serve Week 14: Death and Rebirth - Catalysts will happen for you to be a money magnet Week 15: Balance - This week will bring a balance of mental and emotional attitudes into your body, therefore into your outside environment.
Week 16: Subconscious - This will pull up energy which needs to be altered from past behavioural patterns to coexist with the balance from the previous week.
Week 17: Shifts in Mental Attitudes - You will be surprised how your change of attitude will benefit you in this week Week 18: Magic and Miracles - You are now in the energy of flow of your spirit into your body.
Synergy will be the key to this week.
Week 19: Flow - Relax, let go and allow yourself to go for the ride.
Week 20: Regeneration and Renewal - Love this week, life will begin to open doors for your business and personal life which you have long asked for.
Week 21: Results of the first week's intention - Enjoy you are on your way to being a Money Magnet.
Trust yourself, Believe in Yourself and all else happens.
Your body will now be in an energetic space of magnetic attraction.
For some it may take longer than others.
Remember, be flexible, take time for you to relax and enjoy what gives you pleasure.
Remember, no matter what you do as you value add your life the more energy you are creating to value add others lives.
The Natural flow of giving and receiving is an absolute must at this time.
If you undertake this journey, be prepared to have fun as you enjoy the magic and miracles of energy creating energy.
Tetka Rhu

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