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How Do You "Light Up Your World?"

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus talks about the eye being the lamp of the body.
A strict reading of this scripture shows that he's talking about generosity, selfishness, and what we truly hold dear...
material possessions and money, or God.
But what if we put this in the context of our outlook on life, on what we allow to shine through us, in what we show the world we regard as important through our attitudes and thoughts? A friend on Facebook posted this as a status update: "If your "Eye" (your outlook on life, your whole way of looking at things) is generous, then your whole personality will be illuminated or lit up.
" If we could just internalize this one thought, the influence we could have on our world would be tremendous!
  • Long line in the grocery store? No worries.
    Our spirits are generous and we shine a light of peace to those around us.
    No more huffing and snarling as we wait our turn.
  • The customer service representative is snarky and a little rude? We don't immediately jump on him in like response.
    We engage him in a little conversation as he works on our problem and find out he's been manning the phones on a double shift and is tired.
    We bless him with our encouragement and thank him for his time.
  • The driver up ahead is poking along at 20 miles per hour and you can't get around the car.
    You breathe in the peace of God and realize, once you do have the opportunity to pass, that it's an elderly woman doing the best she can.
    You breathe a prayer for her because soon, that's going to be you.
  • You feel the compulsion to correct your husband or wife yet again on a behavior that drives you nuts.
    Step back and look at it...
    is it really that important? I look at my husband's socks on the floor as a blessing.
    He is still with me.
    One day, I'm going to miss those socks.
Let me encourage each of you to let your "eye" reflect an inner peace and love of God to everyone you come into contact with.
It was this very love that changed a world 2,000 years ago.
It is a love that can change our world today.
"I am giving you a new command: that you keep on loving each other.
In the same way that I have loved you, you are also to keep on loving each other.
Everyone will know that you are my talmidim
(disciples) by the fact that you have love for each other.
(John 13:34-35 The Complete Jewish Bible)

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