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Home waxing tips women should know

Waxing in London is a popular solution adopted by both men and women. The prevalence of different types of waxing like Hollywood waxing and Brazilian waxing in London actually bears proof to large scale preponderance of waxing in London. Though specialised treatments like this are better opted for in salons, there are some who fails to afford them owing to cost. There are also some who prefers to avail different types of beauty treatment, sitting in a comfortable couch in home. If a woman is asked about stories of waxing that has been availed at home, they are sure to provide more than one horror story. A bad wax is capable of leaving skin torn and waxed, a result that no one loves. The good news is that if a few rules are followed for waxing in London, this will never be the case.

Before waxing is opted for, it is important to known one's own self. Everyone cannot wax and in case there is confusion as to whether or not to opt for a wax, a test can be carried out. It is better not to wax sensitive skin. Also remember not to wax on areas that host scabs, acne, moles, cuts or warts. Moreover, if there is a skin disorder or allergy, it is better not to wax.

Avoid waxing after having a sunbath. When oneself gets tanned, regardless of whether it is natural or artificial, epidermis gets damaged. In case a damaged layer of skin is waxed, a few layers of the skin may be removed along with unwanted hair. The end result, as can be guessed is a lingering discomfort coupled with bruises and even scab. Wait for at least a day to allow skin to get healed.

Take a break after undergoing a session of waxing in London. Do not head towards swimming pool, sunbath, sauna or Jacuzzi right after waxing. Skin needs to be given some time before such options are opted for. Remember that most pools and saunas host bacteria. It is better not to expose newly waxed skin to bacteria. At least wait for four hours before practicing these activities.

In case this is the first time that waxing has been opted for sitting at home, it is advisable to opt for adopting short stride. Never opt for Brazilian waxing at the first go. To be honest, it is better not to opt for specialised treatments like this sitting at home.

A few rules can be followed before waxing is opted for sitting at home:
  • Smoothen wax in the direction of hair growth. Pull skin taut and then remove hair as fast as possible in opposite direction.
  • Skin needs to be clean and free of oil. Talcum powder is better applied to make wax stick to hair rather than skin.
  • Exfoliate the day before waxing is opted for. Dead skin needs to be removed to make short hair easy to grasp.

Opting for waxing in London, sitting at home is not impossible and can turn out to be a huge money saver. However, it is better avoided by individuals with low pain tolerance capacity or full of skin problem.

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