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Declutter and Organize - Take Control of Your Home and Your Life

Do you want to get control of your house, and more than that control of your life? Imagine your home decluttered and organized, doing the things you love with no guilt or stress.
Think about it what is it that you would like to be doing, but can't because you have to deal with your clutter? Reading a good book, going for a massage or something as simple as enjoying a glass of wine in your clean, clutter free and organized living room.
Let me tell you a little bit of my personal story.
I grew up in a house that was hardly ever cleaned, and was full of clutter.
My parents were warm and loving, but they were always on the go and never threw anything away.
I grew up ashamed to have friends over and always felt I was being judged poorly when people saw my home for the first time.
Before I knew it I had my own home and no idea how to look after it.
I tried for years to find the right balance for me; but that was no easy task.
I tried following set out regular routines, I guess that hole was square and I was a round peg.
I burned myself out, and stressed out my poor family, trying to organize all our clutter.
There were many, many tries and failures, until finally I developed my own method and found a balance that gave me a clean organized home, a peaceful spirit, plus time to enjoy my hobbies without guilt.
Simply, the clutter is gone, my home is organized and I am not ashamed to let people into my home.
I look forward to sharing how I achieved my simple relaxed living style with you.
I hope you will join me, share your story and find your own version of simple relaxed living.
I believe when your environment is right for you, you can grow and improve in other areas of your life.
When I achieved my organized home I noticed I felt calmer and more relaxed.
Don't forget your home didn't get that way over night and it's going to take time to reach your organization goals.
But you can do it and improve your life.
I believe that the first step to getting organized is to slow down and get in the right mind set.
Yep, that's right slow down you don't need to be in a hurry.
You can chose to slow down, get organized and get more done in the end.
Thinking before you act can save you time, money and regrets.
What's your day like, come home after work, make supper, take the kids to swim lessons and do an errand on your way back home.
But, it is not over for you yet is it? When you get home you give them baths and finally tuck them into bed.
Next, do you collapse on the sofa, having more mess and clutter then the day before? Yep, I have been there and done that.
Or the other hand, have you given up? Do you sit all day watching television, watching the clutter grow around you because you are overwhelmed, bored, tired and depressed? Yep, been there too.
Wouldn't it be better to have an organized home to relax in and enjoy a calming beverage, for me it is herbal tea? Knowing that the house is on its way to being organized and you feel relaxed and calm.
So let's slow down and relax before we organize your home and your life.
I take time every day to breathe deeply and enjoy a relaxing tea.
My favorites are Rooibos de Provence or Egyptian Chamomile from David's Tea.
While I am sipping my tea, I breathe slowly and deliberately from my belly.
Just sitting for ten minutes can relax me and make a big difference in my stress level.
Thinking positive thoughts during this time will set you up for success.
Sang in my best Julie Andrews voice "These are a few of my favorite things.
" I often think about my children and grandchildren, new goals I want to achieve and how lucky I am to be married to such a wonderful man.

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