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Pregnancy Stretch Marks - Finally Reduce Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Giving birth to a life is a wonderful experience, but it can be nothing less than a nightmare too.
Pregnancy brings along with itself backaches, fatigue, morning sickness and worst of all stretch marks.
Stretch marks are the worst side-effects of pregnancy because they are hard to get rid of even after the pregnancy.
The ugly stretch marks remain even after you have delivered a baby.
Therefore, stretch marks and pregnancy are inseparable.
Stretch marks can appear anywhere, abdomen, arms, legs, breast, hips, thighs etc.
Any woman can get stretch marks on her body during her pregnancy.
It has been seen that 60-90% women develop this problem in their pregnancy.
In your pregnancy, you are bound to gain weight, this causes the skin to stretch beyond its natural elasticity.
This is how stretch marks appear.
After pregnancy, the skin reverts back to its original shape and stretch marks take the shape of flattened scars.
It is seen that stretch marks are more severe on dry skin.
Stretch marks show their ugliest form for women with dry skin.
So, make a point to keep your skin hydrated during pregnancy.
The best thing is to massage your body, especially the areas, which are more prone to to this condition like abdomen, arms and buttocks, with some lotion or cream.
Make sure, it has vitamin E in it.
It is the best ingredient to fade away this condition.
One can also make good use of home remedies.
Massaging the body with olive oil or cocoa butter or aloe vera gel is the best option.
There are many other ways too to fight this problem after or during pregnancy.
Avoid eating foods containing Vitamin A.
Drinking lots of water is very essential.
It will flush away the toxins from the body and will keep the body hydrated.
Eating habits play a very important role in pregnancy.
Though, eating healthy is essential, but make sure you don't gain too much of weight very soon by over-eating.
This way, your skin will be stretched too much and stretch marks will show their worst form.
Your weight should increase slowly and steadily during pregnancy.
Can stretch marks go away? yes.
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